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Cozy Living and All Things Blogging, Traffic and Marketing with Sam Minter

After a bazillion 're-schedulings', on a crazy rainy day, we finally got together to have this conversation!

I first came in contact with Sam on a Facebook thread in the Goal Digger Podcast group. Since then, I saw her blog, her work, fell in love with the vibe and aesthetic and knew I had to get her on the podcast.

So, after a long series of email communications, a bazillion re-schedulings, on a crazy rainy day, we finally got together to have this conversation!



In this episode, we have with us:

Sam Minter - entrepreneur, blogger and minimalist.

She runs a blog called Sincerely Sam and talks about all things cozy living, beauty, decor with a "less is more" theme being the constant.

We talked about cozy living, creating a safe haven for yourself, beginning and navigating the blogging journey, getting traction, traffic and marketing on different platforms.


Sam gives us her top 3 tips

1. Figure out what makes you happiest and incorporate it in there

This one's kind of a no-brainer, but so important. Figure out what makes you happy, and include that stuff in.

2. Use Pinterest for inspiration

Pinterest is the ultimate source of inspiration.

It's more than just photos. It's an absolutely amazing place to get inspiration, because it's not toxic and just great for topics like home decor and cozy living. So, yeah! Use Pinterest for inspiration.

3. Have fun with it, don't make it too stressful

Know that your taste might change and that's ok.

We put too much pressure on all these things in life, but the best thing to do is to just have fun with it. Just enjoy the process.


We chat all about setting up, marketing and generating traffic.

Sam tells us the story of how she started:

From the moment she decided that she wanted to start a blog, to not being sure exactly what her niche is, to still taking that plunge, immediately buying the domain name of her first website 'whysheglows' how her niche evolved and she stayed up late checking and re-checking for her current name to become available - just a relatable and beautiful journey!

We talk about the steps of starting a blog and she gives you a roadmap for the same in the full episode.


When and how often to post.

There's always a lingering doubt in our minds of how many times to post, what frequency to post at. I know I had this question for sure when I got started.

Here's the deal:

Sam tells us about how consistency is key and explains how to chose a frequency that works for you.

She explains that at the end of the day, no matter what frequency you choose to show up for, stick with it because that creates the trust factor for your audience.

To start with, you can go for once every two weeks and once the rhythm and flow are there, you can increase the frequency.

But, whatever you choose, make sure you stick with it.

I knew this, but I also definitely needed a reminder for this, right now especially. My consistency curve had come down honestly and this gave me a boost to start showing up on a constant basis as well.

So, I have started getting consistent with my Tuesdays - Podcast episode release days, Wednesdays - Show notes and Mondays, Fridays Blog get the idea!


Why is it truly important to create the safe space for yourself in your home?

How do you really start to hone in on that skill?

How to deal with the tech side of starting a blog?

What are Sam's go-to favourite resources and podcasts?

What are the best niches to explore?

We dig into all this and so much more in the full episode.

Listen to it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Stitcher or here on the website itself!

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