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Discover Yourself and Live Life Fully + Tips for solo travelling

In this episode I sit down and and chat with Richa Awasthi; a solo traveller, art lover, professional baker, cookbook author and so much more.



Ever since her early life, Richa has always been an independent and free-spirited child. Taking care of her grandmother and herself, she learnt skills necessary for everyday living and this gave her the confidence to begin travelling solo at 18 years of age.

Solo travelling ultimately led Richa to understand herself, and it changed her outlook on life.

And most importantly she had been working on a simple and practical and fun cookbook, which is finally done and coming out in the next month!

Richa shares how she learned to hear and follow her intuition, her journey through the growing pains of discovering your true self and learning to live life fully, and how she has set out to be herself unapologetically, striving for success by her own definition and the experiences that led up to it.


She was working on compiling simple, healthy and tasty recipes for the Gen Z and the Millenials (who do not have much time on their hands to spend on cooking), the last time we met at Grand Mama’s cafe in Mumbai.

(Side note: the Food at that place is just...Yummmmm! If you go, definitely try the Ravioli)

The book is now ready and with the publishers and its coming out the next month and will be available on amazon as well.

So, we talked about her book and the why and how behind it.


How it started...

Taking care of her grandmother and herself, she learnt skills necessary for everyday living. So, it seemed a natural transition to exploring the world and travelling by herself in a “What could be the big deal?”-kind of way.

She took her first solo trip to Leh-Ladakh and describes the experience in the episode of all the little struggles, from budgeting to safety. She talks about the experience as a great form of learning and discovering yourself fully as well as the feeling of being grateful and a part of something much bigger than yourself, connecting with people you have never met and realizing how all our lives are intertwined.

How it’s going...

Thereafter, she was hooked. And every time I call her, she’s somewhere different!


1. Pack Minimal:

  • Don’t pack your whole life in a suitcase!

  • Carry all essentials

  • Don’t overpack and carry junk

  • Helps save time and effort

2. Listen to your instincts:

  • Your instincts will speak very loudly, especially when you are in nature.

  • Make sure you listen to them

3. Save money and set a budget:

  • Go economic

  • Use the Bus

  • Ask the Locals

  • Choose hostels

(BONUS tip: If you have a very tight budget, you can volunteer or offer services at some of these places and they’ll give you good accomodation for free)


How does someone really start their journey of solo travelling, especially when it seems so overwhelming and scary?

How do we learn to listen to our instincts and how does it apply to solo travelling?

How is the journey of baking and how is it affected by the lockdown?

Why do I want a private jet to fly with her to Sydney right now ;)? And what heartbreaking incident made her who she is and even stronger and why it taught her to live her life fully and unapologetically?

We dig into all these questions and more.

Press play to hear the full episode and find it on your favorite podcast app.

Follow Richa on @berrytales_eatscape and share your key takeaways on your stories by tagging myself, Richa and the podcast.

So grateful for you guys!

Until next time,

Stay Unapologetically You!


Preya <3


Richa’s baking journey when she was 13 and has been featured in the Bombay Times for her baking endeavours at that time.

She started her own chocolate and jewellery trinket product line under the name the ‘Golden Creeper’ at age 14.

She has been featured in the City Bhaskar and Sandesh for her exhibition in Trisha Gallery (when she was just 14!) for collecting proceeds for VSPCA, which is a charity that works against animal cruelty.

She has been travelling solo since she was 18.

And most importantly she has been working on a simple and practical and fun cookbook, which is finally done and is coming out next month!

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