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Epi #4: Willpower - How to have more control and discipline

Struggling with willpower and control in your everyday life and looking for some simple but effective hacks for it?

Then, this episode is perfect for you!



In this episode, we chat about what willpower and discipline mean in the context of our everyday life, I will tell you some stories and give you tangible steps and hacks that you can use to have better and more control, willpower and discipline.

So, tune in for some power-packed effective tips and a motivating chat that you will love!

Let's dive right into it!

There are two main things that contribute to getting stuff done everyday:

  1. An Optimized Routine that works for you

  2. Willpower or Control or Discipline

What a really good routine that works for you does, is that it makes sure you are operating at the optimum or perfect pace and energy that you need.

But, then in order to maintain that routine, you need to have good willpower or discipline to actually stick with it!

What are Defaults?

A default is your brain’s comfortable, survival mode mechanism to block out any real world discomfort.

It’s that thing that feels really good to do “right now” that you know you are going to beat yourself up about a few hours later.

What can you do to have more willpower and control?

1. Create an urgency and a ‘want’ and ‘need’ to be consistent.

  • This is the trickiest part, because it has got to do with you having the ‘need’ to escape your default and while some of you may feel this way, some others might just be comfortable and ok with their default.

2. Train your primitive brain or prefrontal cortex by : Sleep, Exercise and Meditation.

  • Add these habits into your day one by one

  • Start now and dont expect immediate results

  • But in a month or so, youll start seeing the difference and it only compounds over time.

3. Make a routine you are excited about

.....and add things in your day that fill you up

4. Start replacing your default with something that makes you happy

5. Create Accountability

...around whatever it is that you are struggling with

6. Add at least one Group Activity in the day

...that moves the needle forward for you

These were a few things you can do to cultivate more willpower and avoid your default that have worked wonders for me and I'm sure theyll really change the way you think of yourself over a period of time.

So Until Next time,

Stay Unapologetically You!


Preya <3

P.S. This was just a little excerpt for you to quickly go through...but I think you'll really enjoy the episode.

So, definitely check it out:


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