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Epi #5: Finding Inspiration + Tips to stay motivated

Ever feel like you are waiting around for your "Eureka" moment and for that creative or motivating spark to work or get started?'s the guide that will teach you to stop waiting around.



In this short , yet power-packed episode, we chat about:

  • Finding inspiration in the everyday

  • Staying consistent and adopting a method that works for you

  • Tips to remain motivated

  • Adopting a sustainable lifestyle and incorporating creative practice and workflows in everyday life

  • Some game-changing tips on how to find inspiration

So, tune in for some amazing little and very tangible nuggets in this quick and value-filled episode that you can begin working on and implementing the moment you are done listening to this episode!


Finding inspiration or waiting for motivation to hit you may look like ‘waiting around’ sometimes, but relying on this “Eureka” moment and wasting all of the rest of our time is not sustainable.

So, let's look at how we can find or spark creative inspiration and hustle motivation in all the ways that are sustainable and support consistency.

1. Write the little things down from everyday experience.

  • Keep a notepad with you or keep a note in your phone called ‘random ideas’

  • Write down the little things that you notice that give you some kind of creative inspiration or idea.

  • Do not fall into the trap of, “I dont need to write this down...i’ll remember.”

2. Set aside time with peace everyday for your creative practice.

  • Before you consume any content, take out some time, maybe an hour or so in the morning to create or work in a focused way.

3. Get bored

  • It means not spending every single free minute in front of a screen and most commonly our phones.

  • Sit and be present

  • Don't search for distraction to pass time i.e on your phone.

4. Take a walk in nature

5. Be more present during everyday interactions

6. Surround yourself with things that keep you going and motivate you

  • “People say motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily!”

  • Anything that motivates you - something as simple as a book, a podcast, talking to someone that makes you want to level up, a quote, some music...whatever works for you!

  • Remember to Rinse and Repeat every single day!

7. Make it an everyday sacred ritual

  • Make it your time; non-negotiable and something to look forward to!

As usual, let me know what you tried and what worked for you, it makes me so happy.

And until next time,

Stay Unapologetically You!


Preya <3

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