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  • Preya Rana

Freelancing and Creating Real Impact : All You Need to Know

I stumbled upon Paripsa’s work when I was looking up women to interview for my podcast. I read one of her articles about “Incredible Women in Gujarat” and then read another article she wrote and then another and then another. That’s how I found her and followed her.

Through her raw and authentic posts on Instagram, with long story captions she shares her journey.

When I read her post on Body Positivity, which was so real and beautiful (it’s one of the best things that I’ve read), I knew I had to get her on the show!



In this episode, we talk all about the growing industry of freelancing, tangible tips for anyone who wants to get started and so much more.


If you’ve ever scratched your head wondering if you should explore and get started with freelancing, here’s your answer from someone in the field.

Here’s the benefits that freelancing has to offer:

1. It gives you a lot of flexibility in your schedule:

Who doesn't love flexibility and freedom in their lives?

That's what freelancing has to offer.

Ultimately, you get to choose your schedule and most of the times, you get to choose how, when and where you want to work.

2. The amount of time spent in daily calls is eliminated

There's a time, place and need for catch-up calls. But if you're someone who loves productivity and optimal use of your time, freelancing is where it's at!

Here, there's less time spent socialising and doing catch-up calls and you can do more focused output-oriented work.

So, you work less and you do more!

3. You get to choose who you want to work for

Not at the very beginning of course. Baby steps.

But once you get to that position, ultimately, you get to choose the brands and people whose values align with yours, making work much more satisfying.


Paripsa said something so so beautiful about building a network and here’s what it is:

"You shouldn’t build a network to build a network.
The most genuine relationships and connections of your life come when you are investing in people for the sake of being friends with them. The intention behind connecting with people should not be to use them to get ahead in some way. It has to be just the human connection, the friendship, not the future gain."

She also talks about "Collaboration Over Competition" All the Way and how she cultivates those relationships in her life.


We all have an inventory of some very useful apps that we turn to, that we absolutely need, can't live without and swear by!

Here's Paripsa's Go-To Apps and Resources:

1. A Physical Diary

When Paripsa said - Keep a Diary with you at all times. Not your phone notes, but an actual physical diary. - She was speaking my love language!

It’s a vibe!

2. The Forest Focus app:

It uses the Pomodoro technique, but the twist is that for every 25 min that you work, a tree is planted in your lawn, which i think is absolutely adorable!

3. Canva

Canva is an absolute non-negotiable for people who design anything, but are not designers....if you know what I mean!

Paripsa also recommends maybe getting Canva premium and sharing it between friends because if you do a lot of things on ther, it’s totally worth it!

4. Grammarly

For anyone who writes anything, especially who’s not a writer and works with emails, social media, SEO, web content.

It's a massively useful tool to try out.


Impact Drive At 25

@beingkhanabadosh * @unipads

Paripsa is a transitioning vegan and is really passionate about menstrual hygeine as well, having been diagnosed with PCOS.

She wanted to create some real impact and so, for her birthday this year, she partnered with Unipads for her new Venture called “Impact Drive at 25”.

Unipads is a “by women for women” social enterprise that works for providing sanitary napkins at affordable rates to women in need.

For every one day that one person goes Vegan, i.e. consumes only Vegan meals for that day, she is going to be donating Rs. 100 to Unipads.

All you had to do was, the month before her birthday, i.e. 10th September to10th October 2021, you had to send the photos of all your meals for the day so she can log your day in.

So, yeah!

It’s a beautiful idea that ties in two important and impactful social causes.


What's the first thing you do to get started with freelancing? What niche is the best one to begin working in or blogging in? What does it mean to be able to create real impact?

We dig into all of these questions and more about transitioning into Veganism, following your passion to make meaningful change and so much more in this episode.

So, listen in on:


Or Listen HERE

As always,

Go find her and follow her @beingkhanabadosh

Share your key takeaways on your stories. Tag her, tag me, tag the podcast.

It would mean the world to us!

Until next time,

Stay Unapologetically You!


Preya <3

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