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How To: Find out if an Idea is Worth Exploring - A Multipassionate's Guide to Clarity

Calling all my Multipassionate peeps...

I know how it feels to be confused about a idea or opportunity in front of you. So,I want to give you a simple system that will help you get through to the answer with clarity every single time.

You will learn about how to get clear about you idea and plan, how to use different lenses to evaluate multiple ideas and how to get your thoughts clear as you approach such problems.



If there’s one thing that I know about me, it’s that I love ideas!

And when I say I love ideas, I mean I am really passionate about different avenues and opportunities.

After all, I am multi-passionate, as I say so often.

So, if you love many things and like all the ideas in the world, then I get it!

I juggled like a million activities in school and not just one kind either. It varied from singing competitions to gymnastics to Quizzes to handball to a debate or something else!

So, believe me when I say, I know a thing or two about having multiple interests and juggling them.

I had always heard my dad say that, “ You shouldn’t be Jack of all trades and king of none”.

I hated it when he said that...because how could I choose from the bazillion things that I loved to do and wanted to be a part of, right?

Now, this wasn't much of an issue in school, but I'm learning now, that I maybe don't want to do certain things that don't align with me at that particular point of time.

I am learning that if there are a million ideas in your head or many opportunities in front of are going to need to choose. Can’t do it all at once!

I know, I know...I hate it when people tell me that I can't do it all...but this might make you feel better if you are like is said that:

“You can do it all...but not all at once!”

So, it's all possible, and the possibility is open for all that you want to do...but you need to evaluate which one is for now.

I know, I know...I hate it when people tell me that I can't do it all...but this might make you feel better if you are like is said that: “You can do it all...just not all at once!”

So, let's dive right into it:

Here’s a series of questions that you can ask yourself that should help you know if that idea or opportunity that you have is worth exploring…

1. Would you be willing to try the thing for at least a period of 3-6 months?

Now, the reason I say 3-6 months is because some people say exploring for 90 days will give you a good enough idea and some others think it's too soon to say.

If you have trouble starting and committing, I would say 3 months works.

And, if you are someone who often starts and quits, i would say, make it 6 months

If you can, however, I would say commit to a certain longer time period because you need that time to understand, evaluate and more importantly, see some kind of results...personal growth, profits or otherwise.

It's important to commit to a certain longer time period because you need that time to understand, evaluate and more importantly, see some kind of results...personal growth, profits or otherwise.

2. Does the activity make you happy?

Is it something that you enjoy?

Because the thing is that there’s a high chance that you already have your primary work, which may be studying or your job or whatever, right?

So, it's important that the opportunity that you're about to explore makes you happy and gives you satisfaction or joy.

3. Does the outcome make you happy, but you dread the thing?

Sometimes, we are in situations where there's a desirable outcome, but the process is not fun in and of itself.

Let’s say you want to become a good orator, but since you are going to be stepping out of your comfort zone when you actually participate in public speaking events, which will help you achieve that dread the activity.

So, ask yourself if that's the case.

Do you want the outcome, but dread the activity?

4. If yes to the previous question, then is the outcome worth it?

If you don't think so, the dread is going to be constant and it's going to override your desire and the whole idea is in vain, because you won't be moving past this.

If you think that it's worth it, from the core of your being, if you really feel that way, then you'll be able to get through that fear or the dread and once you do, it'll be a smooth path from there on.

So, is it worth it?

5. Does it seem sustainable?

Now, if you know me, you've heard me talk about how I think sustainability beats spurts of progress any day of the week.

Although, college education and exam times make me rethink this concept sometimes!

But, for most other things...sustainability and consistency are what work and give massive results that get compounded over time.

So, whatever this thing is that you want to do, make an action plan for it. And then assess it, does it seem sustainable? DO you think you are going to be able to do it every single day or week or whatever your plan needs you to do?

If it seems sustainable, great...if not, can you tweak it a bit to make it so?

6. Does it feel aligned for you right now?

Now, wait...before you roll your eyes on this one...It may sound woo-woo, but the more decisions you make, the better you get at understanding whether something feels aligned for you or not.

If you have a clear set of goals, then all you have to do is look at the opportunity through that lens, of whether it is aligned with your goals or not.

And if this is about exploring a new idea, which is completely separate from your work or current study goals, then you can tap into your feeling.

I hate it when people say that too...i'm right there with you, so I'll explain it a bit simply this way:

So ...the moment i said the question and you heard these words…’Does it feel aligned for you right now?’ answer came up for you.

That first thought is your answer and that's the one you need to listen to!

With more introspection, you'll get there, it'll probably become easier to hear that first thought, but if it doesn't make sense to you now, let it go.

The first 5 questions were good enough and they will lead you through this thing.

And before we go, one last note:

You are not crazy, you are Multipassionate and that's perfectly great!

You are unique, beautiful and capable.

As long as you know when to hone in on your fine skills of judgement, knowing when and how to focus, it's all going to be much much better than 'just fine', it's gonna be amazing!

I love you and I'm cheering you on!

Until next time,

Stay Unapologetically You!


Preya <3

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