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How to Grow and Balance a Successful Blog + Tips for Balancing a Side Hustle

Dr. Shreya and Dr. Preenon started their food blog @doctorofgastronomy about 2 years ago out of their passion for food and have grown on the platform massively and now have over an engaged audience of 14.3 K on Instagram.

We talk about balancing education with having a side hustle and creating something of your own, something that you are passionate about, all of the things!




Did you guys know Zomato was a platform for reviewing and long form posts back in the day?

I had no idea!

Preenon started his blogging journey on Zomato and he tells us all about how it used to be then and why he decided to transition and move to a different platform.

Shreya joined him and they together in 2019 started this food blog on Instagram, which serves as a guide for foodies, providing them with amazing content (and a little bit of envy - coz you know you want to reach out into the screen and eat that cookie/sizzler/whatever it is that they're eating that day, right?!)


Medical Education, whether we want to admit it or not, is a long and taxing and….let’s face it - “forever on-going” process.

So, naturally, we had to talk about balancing it all!

And you know how much your girl loves talking about consistency and routines.

So, it made me so happy when Shreya gave me the Secret to balancing it all:

And it’s so simple…

Incorporate it into your routine, do a little every day consistently!

Shreya also talks about how there’s no perfect routine forever really - exams come, occasions come and we get thrown off, or maybe just nudges off our routine and that’s okay.

What’s important is to come back to it…..over and over again.



Whether you are thinking about starting a blog or you already have one, these tips are going to help you so much. It's so much of what has helped them stay on the road to running their successful blog.

Preenon's top tips for bloggers starting out-

1. Do it only if you are Passionate about it:

Choose a niche that you actually enjoy doing. Find what you love and enjoy talking about and make that into your blog - not what’s easy or trending.

2. Have a routine, be disciplined and be resilient to change:

Things come up, but you have to learn to get back into the routine. And disciplined not like a machine - remember to put out quality content.

3. Stay Consistent:

No matter the size of your audience, be consistent. It helps develop the trust factor.


How to handle conflicts when working together?

How to navigate Social Media growth in these changing times?

How to network and find other people who are doing what you do?

How to land epic collaborations?

What does it take to grow a niche audience?

We dig into these questions and so many more amazing topics in the episode.

Tune in for this very amazing conversation and get ready to take notes!

Listen to the entire episode here.

Find and Follow our Guests: @doctorofgastronomy

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