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June Favourites: 5 things I am loving!

June - the beginning of the 3rd quarter, maybe your birthday month, definitely mid-year and one of my favourite months for the sole reason that it sounds so good…”June” has a certain positive and upbeat ring to it, no? Just me? Ok.

I was thinking of doing a “10 things i love sunday”- kind of a thing as inspired by “A Beautiful Mess”, but decided on doing month favourites, because it just seems more sustainable at this point of time. And you guys know how I love sustainability!

So, are my June favourites:

Something OLD -

1. Crossword Book/ Puzzle:

Specifically, my “Faux Leather Crossword book” by Hinkler books.

I had bought this 2 years ago on our trip to New Zealand, but never actually used it.

Ever watch a show and see a character and want to be like them?

Probably no one will relate to me when I say that I liked Amy Santiago from Brooklyn 99 and that was a phase for me at that time, hence the crossword puzzles.

I thought I would enjoy doing crossword puzzles, which I most definitely did the time.

But, I have been doing a puzzle a day almost everyday for the past month and it's been really fun and relaxing, although that might be unrelatable to some of you as well.

[If any of you relate to any of these things, please write to me in the comments or dm me so that I know that I'm not alone!]

Anyhow, been loving that...if you've ever thought of trying puzzles, this is the sign you've been waiting for ;)

Here's a Crossword Puzzle book that is challenging and fun to try out!

Something NEW:

2. Everyday Joy in a CUP:

The “Enjoy This Moment” Cup

from Finesse Creations and bought from Westside

My Insta Story Click of the Morning cup

This cup is one of my recent purchases from Westside.

It's absolutely perfect for my morning green tea and it looks really pretty, so it makes me want to wake up to drink from it...if that makes any sense to anyone!

This exact one isn't available online (Why tho?!)

But, Here's a similar cup/mug that I found on amazon that is really cute, if you wanna check it out!

3. Luxury:

The “Tropical Forest Seagrass” Yankee Jar Candle

A beautiful, affordable and lovely-scented candle that I bought from the same trip to Westside and I am loving it!

The fragrance is refreshing and a bonus’s Made in India! [Did anyone else hum the Alisha Chinoy song when reading ‘made in india’?]

The one that I have doesn't sell online, but here's one that does and is great as well!

Something BORROWED:

4. A little thing:

The little corner

That I made in my room

They say it’s the little things that matter...well, this is that little thing that involved minor shifting around of things and made so much difference still!

It’s my cozy corner, my reading nook and my favourite place in my little room (Yes...even more than my desk!)

So, if there’s anything in your room that can be moved around to create a nice, new space for you, it’s a ‘totally worth-it’ effort and will make you feel happier!

If there’s anything in your room that can be moved around to create a nice, new space for you, it’s a ‘totally worth-it’ effort and will make you feel happier!

Something BLUE:

5. Fashion + Comfort:

Enamor Swing Tank

This is the most heavenly comfy tank top I've ever had!

Not exaggerating! For real!

The material is so soft and flowy and just so comfy :)

I also got this awesome shade of blue that I love!

And I promise, once you wear this, you're not going to want to change out of it!

Get it here online and I'm telling you, you won't regret it!

So, yeah, these are my favourites for the month of June.

There were 5 more, but didn’t want the list to be too leaving it here.

As I was writing this list, it made me realize that if i had not written it out, I probably wouldn't have taken this moment to appreciate and be grateful for any of these things that are making me happy. So, I really enjoyed writing this!

Maybe I'll write one of these every month...let’s see!

Anyhow, I look forward to seeing you here next week.

Until next time,

Stay Happy! Stay Beautiful!


Preya <3

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