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[PEP TALK] For When You're Not Seeing Results- STOP Getting Distracted & Do Your Thing!


And Welcome back to another Solo Pep talk episode!

I'm so grateful for you!

It’s finally winter and I am so freaking happyyyy!!!

I am wearing my warm fluffy full white lounge wear.

I just got done with my PSM exam, which in case you don't know what the subject is, is not a fun subject! In any case, I have another full course PSM exam the day after tomorrow, so that's also just great! (Sarcasm intended)

I have an insane amount of things to study and really less time. And family is coming over on the day of my exam and that's a whole other thing. So, I really want to batch all of the things I need to release for the next two weeks so that we can move on in life and I can study and then enjoy time with family that's coming over.

So, you feel me? A lot of things to be done. But then, that's the situation most of the time.

Anyway, here’s what I'm here to 'pep talk' you about -

Stop getting distracted from your original why and stick with your thing!




Sometimes, well, most of the time, we are surrounded by people and external noise, and we love people, ok? Don't get me wrong. But, a lot of the times, when there's that external noise, that surround sound of everyone around us, of social media, of your friends, families, and even our “not-really-friends” people, we tend to lose track of our why, our main purpose, our main thing.

And it's so easy to get caught up in that.

Lemme give you an example:

Now, this isn't exactly me 'calling my shot', but kind of, this is me putting it out into the universe, so bear with me, ok? So, you know me, right? I have like a bazillion things I love, I can't seem to really choose a niche to work on, like a focused one thing to be chosen, so after a lot of thought, I have narrowed it down to relatable pep talks and self-improvement and fun health and fitness, health without the obsession, just making the whole thing fun, doable approachable.

I have been starting the content creation process up and just kind of slowly moving into it!

Anyway, with the health and fitness thing, I know that I have to become that first, right? I have to embody that fit person that I want to be. And I want to take you on this journey with me!

That's kind of my idea for the whole thing.

Here’s the deal:

I have started regularly eating well, being more intentional. I have been meditating for about 1 ½ years now and continuing with it, and I have started working out regularly.

And the reason behind my health goal is simple. It’s to feel more energetic, to have more strength and to have a toned, fit body and athletic muscles, kind of a situation. I have always loved that and wanted that. It’s not weight loss at all honestly.

But today morning, somehow, in some conversation with my mom, we got the weighing machine out and I saw that I had not only not lost weight, but I had gained some. Despite all the intentional things that I was doing. Now, logically I knew that when you start excercising, you initially may gain some weight due to water retention, lean muscle mass, and all that.

And that's besides the point though, as weight loss was never my goal.

But, I felt, in simple words- not nice and like I had failed!

And I felt like I should just quit, because without measurable results, what was the point of anything at all, right?

Mom tried to remind me of why I had started with the whole thing.

She reminded me about the goal being toning and not weight loss.

She reminded me about the goal being my stamina and strength and not weight loss.

And I argued-

We study for the purpose of knowledge, right?

But then, without measurable results, without the marks, what's the point? How do you even know that you have succeeded, if you don't see any results?

And honestly, that was a very reasonable argument.

And there’s really no other way to measure results right?

So, if you've ever felt that way about any aspect of your life, I'm right there with you.

The only thing that we don’t understand at that frustrated point of time...well the point of time isn't frustrated, you are, but there are two things to consider here:

1. Most of our goals are long term, really.

So, time is needed for results to really be seen. So, is that a factor in your situation?

2. There is always a way to measure our success by the parameters we set out to achieve in the first place. Always.

It may not always be numbers and we know our mind loves numbers. But it may not always be numbers. Sometimes, its measurable in a more subtle format. Eg. in my case, some introspections later, I realized, working out, moving my body is so good for my mental health. My day is so much more productive and I feel ready to take on any challenge anything, I feel much better equipped. And it may sound a bit silly, or not, I don't know, but movement helps jog my creativity.

Another difference is, my strength and stamina have increased a lot. 4 km runs were doable when i started, now they have become easy and i definitely feel like I could go longer if I somehow manage to wake up earlier!

I feel lighter, if that makes sense, now that I'm eating better than I did before. I feel lighter and happier.

So, yeah, it's not all numbers, it's the parameters I set out to achieve and they are mostly internal, which in a lot of cases, our goals could be.

If you have a career goal of, let's say, growing your business or getting a certain score, it’s probably not going to be an immediate 5 day rise in the numbers. Don’t get caught up in the measurement, in external influences, in everyone’s definition of what success or achieving goals looks like for everyone. You are the only one that matters. Ok, that came out a bit wrong. Wait...the parameters you set out to achieve are the ones that matter, your internal satisfaction and contentment is what matters.

If you’re a medical student and your reason behind studying and getting into the field is to be a great doctor, to treat and manage your patients to the best of your abilities, don't let your friends’ jobs or someone else's marks and score distract you, coz we med students have a long way of education to go. So, don't let that distract you and make you wanna quit.

I don't know, I can't seem to think of a better example, but you got the idea, right?

If your goal is to impact women, don’t let the number of people in your community distract you. Your goal is the impact, does that make sense?

If your goal is toning and strength, don't let the weighing scale distract you. Note to self.

Stop getting distracted from your why and get laser focused and clear about your parameters, your version of success for your goal. The lifestyle or the happiness you are working for and dreaming of or creating.

So, I really needed this reminder. If you’re ever feeling, lost or low or just affected by external metrics, know that i'm right there with you.

Cheering for you.

So, take a moment, breathe, remember your why and know that it’s going to happen.

Whatever it is that you are dreaming of. Whatever your big goal is, it’s gonna happen!

Keep going!

Until Next Time,

Stay Unapologetically You!


Preya <3

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