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  • Preya Rana

Funny & Witty Kitchen and Dining Decor Signs you need to get!

When we saw the empty dining wall, we decided that the perfect thing to do was to make this wall a creative one with signs that fit our personality and were funny and just "yeeeee" awesome.

Anyway, I decided that I was going to write out the signs by myself. I enjoy lettering, so it was a fun experience.

And, after going through over fifty quotes and jokes and funny quips and after hours of browsing on Pinterest for inspiration, these were our favourite - the ones which made the most sense for us and those that we finalised.

This is what we did with the empty wall in the dining area:


Here are the funny, witty and best Kitchen and Dining Decor Signs that you'll absolutely love...and that you didn't know you needed!

1. "If I have to stir it, it's homemade."

So very apt for us Gen Z and Millenials!

Let's face it, ordering in a Matka Biryani and using the Kadhai at home to serve seems like a perfectly simple, speedier and effortless solution to a last minute dinner party ;)

But, for real this witty sign Kitchen decor sign definitely goes as one of my favourites!

2. "I followed my heart and it led me to the fridge."

Doesn't it...Every. Single. Time!

People say, "Follow your heart..." and then they ask me why I'm eating all the time!

Doesn't seem very fair ;)

So, yeah...


[OOooo...this is a good one too. I haven't made this sign, but you can use this one too!]

3. "Today's Menu: Eat It or Starve!"

Well, I don't know about you, but this is definitely going to be me on those days when I'm in charge of cooking ;)

And I get the feeling that a lot of people might actually opt for the 'second' option once they find out I'll be cooking!

But, yeah...this is a hilarious sign that goes very well even if your mom or maid cooks.

Because then when you ask an angry/tired mom what's for dinner, she can just point to this sign and you'll know;)

4. "People need to understand the difference between 'want' and 'need'. Like, I want Abs, but I need Pizza."

My inner Joey comes out and says "I wanna goooooo..." (to Blue Oven or Dominos) if I haven't had pizza in a while.

Who else?

I mean, we love Chloe Ting, but we 'gots to have our pizza!'

5. "We serve three meals : Microwave, Frozen and Takeout."

"It's not bragging if it's true!" *insert "Shy Monkey with hands over eyes emoji" here*

So, yeah...these are some of the funniest and most appropriate Kitchen and Dining Decor signs that we found that I made and I am really happy with how it turned out.

But, to save you guys the time that it took me to screen 15000 quotes, I compiled my favourites.

I hope you liked them and I hope it inspired you to add a little something to your kitchen-dining area to make it prettier!

Oh yeas...and Comment down below which one's your favourite? 1,2,3,4 or 5?

Mine's 4!

Until next time,

Stay Happy! Stay Beautiful!


Preya <3

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