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  • Preya Rana

The MIND- Get Your Life Together (GYLT) Series Part 1

Hey you!

Crazy-lady-trying-to-be-sane here.

Remember? The Little mess and the writeup from the previous post?

If you are feeling all over the place and scattered, blink twice!

Ok…enough with trying to be funny!

In all seriousness, this is the first part of the Get your Life Together Series and its called :


*read in yelling, booming voice*


Now, now, this is not a simple one. I mean it’s the mind. The brain. The hair? Are we doing hair? Get a haircut!

Just kidding.

Point is…it's not the simplest one, but it has to come first.

As no matter what we want to do, we can't get anywhere if we are not thinking straight.

So, that's where we begin.

Your Checklist:

  • Your Brain

(please get yourself one or pretend to have one for the sake of this activity)

  • A haircut?

(why is this a recurring theme? Maybe you need one? Maybe I need one?)

  • The Notebook (Not-the-movie) or the Diary (Not of the wimpy kid)...just A notebook or A diary

  • A pen

  • Some “Me” time (It’s not YOU, It’s ME…Now you see, ME?)

So, here’s what you’ve got to do-

(I'm giving instructions like I got my sh*t figured out, but you don't know that I don't *evil laugh*)

Step 1: Get the Crazy Sh*t Out!

Write all the craziness down. Like I am. Well, I'm typing. But like that. If you like typing, a lappy toppy works too!

So, like this.

Write the craziness down. Get it all out.

If you’re feeling crazy, let it out!

If you're feeling angry, let it out!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed…you get the drift!

Like the Tokyo drift…

Anyway, You get it.

Brain dump. Dump it right up.

(I was going to say: Like you do in the morning…it's a poop joke…but I thought that was taking it too far. So I didn't. Clearly.)


Step 2: Time to be List-ful…well, just make lists!

Make categories and make lists. That’s literally the most useful thing you can do once your brain is done with the dumping deed.

And as I always say…keep it simple.

Simple good. Complicated bad.

Make a simple to do list for your day today.

A simple list of things that need to be sorted.

People that you need to call back that you haven't (guilty!).

Under-clothes that you need to buy (Yup…it's a really bad situation here, I admit)

So on and so forth.

Step 3: Hoppity Hoppity Hop.

Not really hop. Just walk. I just thought walkity walkity walk doesn't sound nice. But I kinda like the sound of it.

Walkity walkity walk….


Sorry, I'm back…or am i?

Yes I am.

Ok. So.

I'm saying.


I know you normally walk.

But I mean like go on a head clearing walk.

In a garden.

In nature.

Alone. (like Garden alone, instead of Home alone, eh?)

It legit helps.

“Pehle Istemal Kare, Phir Vishwas Kare”


*Indian Advertisement tagline - meaning use it first by yourself and you'll believe it.*

Step 4:The woooo woooo stuff

The simple silence (shhhhhhhhhhh…)

The Meditation (oOOOmmmmm…)

The Headspace (Huge fan, btw)

Here's the deal - it works like a Wonder (not-the-book-or-the-land)

But, if you'd be open-minded (like a brain surgery patient in the ot?)...

Give it a whirl, girl!


Step 5: *Hums ME by Meghan Trainor*

(if you've not heard that song, you're missing out, btw. Go and listen to it right away.

Right Away.


Are you still here?

Go listen.




Still here, huh?

Stubborn you are, you thing!


It’s hilarious and also so good at the same time!)




(You didn't listen, did you? *facepalm*)


Point of the story.

In short.

Schedule in ME time. Every. Single. Day.

(as in not to listen to the song ME by…taylor swift? Meghan trainor? but you could do that, that'd be great too)

(I mean the Taylor Swift one is really good too…maybe alternate the two songs, one per day…but you know, whatever gets you going.)

But, in all seriousness, try taking out 30 min every day this week for housekeeping of your mind.

I'd suggest doing it everyday.

But at least this week.

Coz I dont know about you, but up here, it needs some significant amount of housekeeping, some dusting, some decorating? Renovations needed? Not sure anymore?!


So, yes.

That ich it from mah sahhddd.

I don't know what accent I was going for.


So, *clears throat*

*tries to end the post on a civilized and put-together note*

That is it from my side.

And I will see you here for the next part of the Get Your Life Together Series.


Next week.

Wait…yes, next week.

Hopefully adulting won't come in my way.

Check in here next week.

To see if adulting caused shipping delays.

I don't know.


(It was ending on a good normal civilized note…what's wrong with me?

Oh…who cares!)

All the best for this week.

Until Next time,

Stay Happy! Stay Beautiful!

All my crazy love,

Preya <3

(*Phew* Thank the gods my signing off was normal.





You’re still here.



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