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  • Preya Rana

The Ultimate Round-up of Party Dresses for the Festive Season

It's Christmas baby!

Well...almost Christmas.

And I was originally going to call this post: "Christmas Dress Ideas" or "Christmas dress recommendations" or "the only list of Christmas Party dresses that you'll need" get the idea.

But then I realised that whether you are a Christmas person or not, these dresses work for all party purposes.

So, within the currently available options online for dresses, I chose the one's that I loved that you can take a pick from. And the links are there below every dress.

So, yeah, if you are looking for Dresses for the festive season or any other purpose, really, check out these picks!

I hope you love them <3

Let's dive right into it!


1. But make it...Elegant:

(Photo from

Here's a beautiful and elegant full length gown from Ajio. It is modest, flowy, feminine and gorgeous.

Shop the dress from the link here.

2. But make it.....Chic:

(Photo from

This one's a chic, modest and perfect-for-winter-parties dress that I found on Myntra that I absolutely loved!

Shop this one here.

3. But make it.....Sexy:

(Photo from

And would you take a look at this very sleek, sexy halter neck dress from Myntra! It's absolutely gorgeous!

Get this Dress here.

4. But make it.....Profesh + Sexy:

(Photo from

This one's my favourite in the entire classic black dresses collection. If you're ok with a slightly shorter length for a dress and want to rock the classy, party-profesh look, this is the one for you this festive season!

Check out this Blazer Dress here.


5. The ruffled evening tie-up gown:

(Photo from

Check it out here.


6. The Pastel blue Back Tie-up dress:

(Photo from

This blue is my absolute favourite - it looks so pastel and soothing and yet the the back tie-ups add an element of fun in the dress.

Check it out here.

7. The Peep-hole Fit and Flare Dress:

(Photo from

This dress comes in many colours, although I loved this colour the most. Christmas point of view, there's a good shade of green as well that I'm linking below.

Check out the dress

- In this colour here (Ajio link)

- In Green (Mantra Link)

8. The Modest Classy A-line dress:

(Photo from

My pick from 'the Shorts' collection, definitely.

Something about this dress, the attitude, the structure, the simplicity is just beautiful!

You can even just take the look in this picture as it's perfect and re-creatable too.

Check this dress out here.


Whether you are a fan of the florals or not, you know that we can't go without selecting a few really pretty ones!

9. The Floral Maxi asymmetrical dress:

(Photo from

Check it out here.

10. Sassafras Off-white and Green Off - Shoulder printed dress

(Photo from

I have been eyeing this dress for so long now!

It is feminine, pretty and perfect for a vacation...but works well even for am at-home Christmas Party!

Shop the dress here.

And my Final pick, which ia definitely my overall favourite is.....

*drumroll please*

Athena Dramatic Entrance Lantern Sleeve Wrap Dress:

Well...I loved all of dresses that I have short-listed in this list above.

But, for some reason, this one's speaking the most to me at the moment.

It's sleek, elegant and perfect for your Christmas celebration this festive season!

It has a chic off-shoulder neck, self-tie bowknot at the waist and statement lantern good! And...a pencil shape that sits on the knee...perfecto!

Come take a look at this dress here.

So, that's the Round-up of Party dresses for Christmas or any other occasion that will make you stand out and look your best and most chic, stylish self!

So, go ahead and check them out.

And comment down below what your favourite dress was in the round-up!

Until Next Time,

Stay Happy! Stay Beautiful!


Preya <3

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